‘Hope is stronger than war’: Testimony of young Christian in Gaza

As over 700 people shelter in the Holy Family Catholic Church in Gaza, Suhail Abudawood, an 18-year-old Catholic parishioner, offers his spiritual testimony about the experience of Christian hope in the midst of war.

23 October 2023

By Suhail Abudawood – Gaza

Hello everyone, I am Suhail Abodawood. I am living in Gaza, and I am 18 years old.

On October 7th, the war has started. I will not talk about politics. I will talk in a spiritual way. I was dreaming at first, but then, I realized that this was not a joke.

We left our homes and went to the Parish, the Holy Family Church (Catholic Church), because I know that we are safe and secure in my Lord’s hands, Jesus Christ.

I am praying and fasting in the Church right now, and I strongly believe that is the right time to develop and improve my vocation in this sad and tough condition, by praying the Rosary and attending the daily Holy Mass and meditating with great faith and that God will rescue us from the war.

I pray in the church every day, and every time I pray I hear a loud sounds of rockets bombing in a place not far from the church. But when I embrace my faith, everything that interrupts me disappears.

As Saint Carlo Acutis once said: “Heaven has been waiting for us forever.” ❤️

We are waiting for our salvation with a big heart and we always know that Christian hope is the strongest hope ever.

Our Lord Jesus will rescue us from these tough days, and we believe that as long as we are with Jesus with our hearts, we will be always in a safe place and lasting security.

Source: https://www.vaticannews.va/en/church/news/2023-10/gaza-israel-palestine-war-christian-suhail-abudawood.html